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Keinton Mandeville


The Nest Pre-school

Our new onsite pre-school is coming soon - April 2024!

About us

The Nest Pre-school is a brand new pre-school provision on the site of Keinton Mandeville Primary School. Being part of the school provides fantastic opportunities for the children to be familiar with school life and prepare for the next step in their learning journey. 

Our aims

The Nest Pre-school aims to provide a welcoming, friendly, safe and comfortable environment for all children to learn, play and grow. We aim to ensure our environment offers a range of opportunities for all of our children to reach their full potential and are eager to participate and to learn. 

Opening times (From 15th April to 27th July 2024):

Monday (8:30am – 3:00pm)

Tuesday (8:30 – 3:00pm)

Wednesday (8:30am – 3:00pm)

Thursday (8:30am – 3:00pm)

Friday (8:30am – 12:00pm)


The Nest Pre-School sessions are charged at the following rates from 1st April 2024. Please see our Fees Policy (2024) for more information.


Morning session

(8:30am – 12:00pm)

Afternoon session

(12:00pm – 3:00pm)

2 years old





3-4 years old






Snacks are available to book at 50p per session. 


All bookings are done through the pre-school. We encourage parents to book places at least a half-term (6 weeks) in advance. However, should places be available, parents may have the opportunity to book a place a week in advance*. 

*If your child is currently booked for the Summer term through Barton St David Pre-school, this booking will be secured on transfer to The Nest.

Contact information:

Email:  theNest@km-ps.co.uk

Telephone: tbc

Meet the Team 

We are very proud that our Pre-school team offer a high level of experience and qualifications. They have all transferred from the former Barton St David Pre-school to The Nest and worked in collaboration with the school to ensure a wonderful learning environment.

KEY WORKERS - Every child is allocated a key worker within the Pre School. This member of staff will be responsible for working directly with your child to help them attain their learning goals, and ensure they are happy and safe whilst at Pre School. Your child's key worker will keep detailed records and observations of your child's progress and will always be happy to discuss any concerns or issues you may have, or simply give you regular updates on how your child is doing.

Jennie (Pre-school Supervisor)- Jennie has been working in nurseries in the UK and abroad since 2003. She has supervised Early Years settings since 2022.

Kathryn (Deputy Pre-school Supervisor) - Kathryn qualified as an Early Years Primary teacher in 2011, and has been working in local Pre schools and schools since. She has three children, loves reading and outdoor learning.

Erica (SENDCo and Pre-school Assistant) - Erica's Early Years career began at Barton Pre-school in 2011, where she was a very active member of the committee. She is the Special Educational Needs Coordinator for the pre-school. 


What learning looks like in our Pre-school

 We believe that children learn best through play, exploration and interactions with others and plan our curriculum and learning based on these principles. 

Curriculum Outcomes:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - ‘Grow in independence’

  • Learning to express and manage ‘big’ feelings
  • Show effortful control through turn taking and sharing
  • Learning conflict resolution in a safe and supportive environment
  • Developing friendships with others

Communication and Language - ‘Full of opportunities’

  • Exposure to a language-rich environment with plenty of opportunities to express themselves in their home language
  • Participate in group circle time, with adults modelling a rich vocabulary
  • Experience language in a variety of mediums: books, magazines, newspapers, audio and video

Physical Development - ‘Look what I can do!’

  • Explore and develop their gross motor function, indoors and outdoors
  • Develop and practice using their fine motor skills in preparation for early mark making
  • Making healthy choices and looking after our bodies

Literacy - ‘I have a voice!’

  • Participate in group singing, recognising familiar songs and joining in together
  • Asking questions and developing conversations with adults and peers
  • Exploring favourite books and sharing books with parents/carers

Mathematics - ‘Numbers are everywhere’

  • Recognising number and quantity in every day contexts
  • Developing a deep understanding of numbers 1-5 and beyond
  • Developing one to one correspondence, realising number equates to quantity

Understanding the world - ‘All about me’

  • Exploring and understanding different families, traditions and celebrations
  • Celebrating uniqueness, individuality and diversity
  • Developing a respect and caring for the natural world

Expressive arts and design - ‘Look what I made!’

  • Experience a range of creative mediums for sensory exploration
  • Encouraging the process of creating art and feeling proud of their efforts
  • Recognising that art comes in many forms, including music

Policies and key information

 Fees policies 202