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Sports Funding Grant

PDF version of the PE & Sports Premium Grant Report for 2018-2019

Keinton Mandeville Primary School

PE & Sports Premium Grant

Spending and Impact Report 2018-2019

The aims of this funding in schools is to:

  • develop or add to the PE, physical activity and sport activities that your school already offers
  • build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

How are we spending the grant this year?

Employment of a play leader: £1145

  • Playleader to encourage active play through the OPAL outdoor play scheme at lunchtimes

One and a half days per week of specialist sports coaching: £5148

  • specialist support to teachers and teaching assistants through team teaching to develop staff expertise
  • outdoor education/ team building education for individual cohorts
  • sports teaching to individual cohorts over the academic year
  • practice and preparation for competitive teams

‘Enrichment’ sporting activities: £1170

  • Each class to have a half term (Year 6 one full term) of enrichment sports, trying an ‘unusual’ sport such as street surfing, archery or fencing.

Maths on the move: £2925

  • PE focused maths intervention groups x 3 per week – focusing on basic maths knowledge and skills.

Ansford Learning Partnership Sport: £400

  • competitive tournaments, which give access to a wide range of sports
  • festivals for all children, across all year groups
  • CPD support for all teachers and some support staff
  • Play leader training for children and staff

Additional club support: £4134

  • continue to encourage a wide range of children to access extra-curricular sporting activities
  • increase the participation of girls in extra-curricular sports
  • provide specialist coaching to develop our able sports people and enhance their skills further

Provision of life-saving training for our more able swimmers: £605 approx.

Our most able swimmers will have access to life saving training, as they are already exceeding the stated requirements of the national curriculum.

Provision of coach transport to sports festivals: £945 approx.

Funding will be provided for transport to sports festivals at Ansford Academy, ensuring that all children are able to access a wider range of sporting opportunities, without requiring parents to pay for transport.

Provision of playground equipment:

A small amount of the sports funding budget will be used to add to our equipment to encourage active and energetic play, with a focus on improving gross motor skills through play.


Total funding allocated this year:                                  £17,270

Total spending academic year 2018 – 2019:                  £16,472

Remaining funding being carried forward to contribute towards the renovation of the school field.

Impact of PE and sports grant 2018 – 2019


Engaging pupils in regular activity:

Percentage of children who have attended at least one sports club for at least one term this academic year (children between Year 1 and Year 6):

76% (92/128)

Broadening the range of sports/physical activities that are accessible to pupils:

·         Basketball

·         Netball

·         Rugby

·         Tennis

·         Rounders

·         Athletics

·         Football

·         Hockey

·         Swimming

·         Kayaking

·         Cross country running

·         Cricket

·         Dance

·         Multi-skills

·         Street surfing

·         Archery

·         Soft-fencing

·         Cycling

·         Rock climbing

·         Gorge Scrambling

·         Canoeing

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety:

Percentage of current Year 6 cohort that swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres?

89% 24/27

Percentage of current Year 6 cohort that use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke]?

89% 24/27

Percentage of current Year 6 cohort that perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations?

89% 24/27

Competitive Tournaments attended:

·         Level 1 Football - Winners

·         Level 2 Football – 3rd place

·         ‘Can do’ Football

·         Level 1 Rugby

·         Level 1 Basketball - Winners

·         Level 1 Hockey - Winners

·         Level 2 Hockey – 4th place

·         Level 1 Swimming -

·         Level 1 Netball – Winners

·         Level 1 Cricket – Joint winners

·         Level 2 cricket – 3rd place

·         Level 2 Girls’ cricket

·         Level 2 Year 5 cricket

·         Level 1 Quad Kids (athletics)

·         Level 1 Rounders

·         Level 1 tennis Year 3 & 4 – 3rd place

·         Level 1 Cross country running

·         Level 2 Cross country running