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Keinton Mandeville




Osprey Class 2021-2022

This week in English we are: Learning how to use relative clauses, proof-reading texts and retelling fables (Aesop) using descriptive language. We are continuing to listen to our class text, Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief, and enjoying reading the theme books associated with the Ancient Greeks. 


This week in maths we are: Learning how to round numbers, use negative numbers and Year five have been exploring Roman Numerals.


 w/c 27/9/21

A great start this week considering Year six were away last week! We had a great PE lesson this afternoon and the children took ownership of their learning. Each group created a demonstration of a particular skill which they then showed to the rest of the class to try. They rotated through each activity, which included throwing and catching skills in netball, passing and running in football, strength and flexibility in gymnastic. The teamwork and respect for one another's 'teaching' was fantastic and they really enjoyed doing something a little bit different! 







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