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Osmington 2017


The day started with a thick coastal fog enveloping the site; a real pea-souper!  Before breakfast, we just jad time to pose for one photo:

After another good breakfast - bacon always goes down well - the children threw themselves into their activities once again.  A walk along the beach, looking at evidence of coastal erosion and playing games; the giant swing (even mrs Paradise joined in on her visit this afternoon!); orienteering, mountain biking and abseiling.

The dorm inspection competition is very close, although we haven't given out any 'perfet 10s' yet.  The creative challenges have been great, with songs, drama, puppet shows, raps and stories as some of the highlights.

And of course, the day finished with the disco.  We did manage to sneak one photo out - certain people who managed to raid the group leader's costume cupboard!


Another brilliant day, with challenges, fun, bouncing and all sorts of everything else!  The children particularly enjoyed Aeroball today - four people bouncing on trampolines trying to 'score' by getting a ball through a target on the opposite team's trampoline.  Cue lots of children asking if we can have one at school, having looked up the cost last year, they are very expensive!

There were a wide range of other activities today.  Two groups had a ride on a zip wire, an exciting swoop across the top of the valley.  All of the children took part, running the ropes up to the instructors and jumping off the platform with enthusiasm when it was their turn. 


Later in the day, the children tried out indoor rock climbing on an artifical wall.  They really pushed themselves and all achieved really well.  We finished with a little game of 'Twister' ona bouldering wall - a wall where you traverse sideways, instead of climbing vertically.


One of the groups had their abseiling session today, on the ENORMOUS abseiling tower.  Even though there were a few nerves before taking part, every child made it down the tower, which is a huge achievement.


We finished the day witha game of 'Cluedo'; the children had to solve a kidnapping, by finding clues all over the site.  Another brilliant day.  Due to a lack of wi-fi signal, tomorrow's update will only be text based, photos will be added later in the week.




 Well, it has certainly been a fully packed first day.  After a 7:15 wake up call (we had one dorm who needed properly waking up - a rarity on the first day!) we went off to our breakfast.  The children all ate heartily and stocked up on fuel for the day.

The children then set off to complete the day's activities: trapeze, climbing to the top of a telegraph pole in a climbing harness and then throwing yourself off; tunnel trail, caving in man made tunnels; aeroball, a version of basketball played in a segmented trampoline; archery; zip-wire; sensory trail, which consists of playing games and completing challenges whilst blindfolded and problem solving!






All of these activities, combined with the long walks to get around the site, up and down some pretty serious hills and a long camp-fire singing and dancing session have led to some pretty tired children - I think we might have more 'sleepy' dorms tomorrow!

And of course, we had a birthday boy in the group today; Amy, our 'groupie' even provided us with a birthday cake!


We have had a great first day in Weymouth.  The children really enjoyed the Sea Life Centre and have now settled into their dorms, had tea and are playing 'Ambush' with our group leader, Amy.  Tea was either sausages with onion gravy, fish pie, or vegetarian sausage hot pot.  All of the children ate well and had either fruit or salad with their meal.

The sun was shining brightly as we drove into Weymouth and the view was amazing when we approached PGL.

We even had a teddy bear's group photo on arrival!

We saw some amazing things at the Sea Life Centre - jellyfish; a friendly octopus called Tiamat; seals; noisy otters and fantastically camouflaged seahorses.





The children are having a great time playing Ambush and soon it will be time for bed.  Make sure you check the Twitter feed and website for tomorrtow's updates!

Oh, one last photo - Miss Gover and Miss Bugler wrapped up warm for this evening's entertainment!