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Osmington 2016


Apologies for the delayed blog, but I had a disco to go to!  A decidedly chilly start, with frosty grass and rooftops, but beautiful clear, sunny skies, so the cold was definitely worth it.  Our first activity this mornign was trapeze; another ropes activity which pushed the children to climb higher than they have done so far.  Their task was to climb to the top of a telegraph pole, clamber onto a tiny platform and then jump off and try to tag a hanging ball!  Obviously, in a full climbing harness!  If you think the pole may have been cut down, here is an image to give you a feel of the height!

The children all went higher than they believed they would and most of them made it to the top.  Here are some photos of them in action:



Our next activity was low ropes, a difficult obstacle course which very much depended on team work and support for each other.  The children started by playing some trust games, before moving on to the low ropes course itself.


After yet another hearty meal at lunchtime we took on the thrills and spills of the tunnel trails.  There are two different sizes of tunnels, the badger tunnels and the worm tunnels and the children had to go through on their hands and knees and stomachs respectively.



We finished the day with climbing on the indoor wall.  Another heights challenge that the children apporached with real gusto.

Finally it was time for the disco, party dances ruled the night, macarena, cha cha slide, boot scootin' baby etc.  The children threw some shapes, as did Miss Bugler and I!

They have had a fantastic week adn have been a real credit to their families and school.  I know they are all looking forwards to coming home tomorrow, although some of them did ask if they could come back next week!

See you tomorrow!


Definitely a bit chillier today, but the sunshine is due back for tomorrow and Friday.  Our first activities this morning were Jacobs Ladder and Rifles.  Jacob's ladder is enormous team work challenge, where the children have to climb rungs which gradually get further and further apart, making the challenge progressively harder.  There was some fantastic teamwork and children really pushed outside their comfort zones.



Whilst the children were climbing, I took this view of the whole site.

After Jacob's Ladder, it was time for rifles, a session that the children were very excited about. They had to listen carefully to the instructor and make sure that they were safe at all times.


Our third session of the day was sensory trail.  For this challenge the children wore blacked out goggles, so gave up the sense of sight.  They took on a range of tasks and had to work again as a fantastic team.



Finally the children took on the challenge of abseiling down the enormous climbing tower.  This was a real challenge for many of them.

Special comment goes to Oscar, who is terrified of heights and did a brilliant job (with quite a lot of persuasion) of making it down the wall twice!

Miss Bugler really enjoyed it!


What another fantastic day!  The children all slept well and were up bright and early and raring to go.  It has been a very active day with Aeroball (basketball on a trampoline), Giant Swing, a beach walk and orienteering all over the site.  The weather was glorious through most of the day (as you will see from the photos!)  This was the view early this morning:

Our first activities were Aeroball and the Giant Swing.  Everyone had a go on the Giant Swing and the majority of people went from the top, something that Miss Bugler wasn't too sure about herself!)


The children had to work together to haul up the two 'swingers', who pulled the trigger rope when they were ready to fly!


Aeroball was our other activity this morning, a version of basketball on a trampoline, played in teams of two.  The children could score 5 points for a simpler straight shot, or 10 points for the trickier diagonal basket!



There were some skillful shots, although some people just wanted to relax!! (Sorry Mr Gibb, shouldn't be using two exclamation marks!)

After lunch the children played some games with Brandon, our brilliant groupie, before going for a walk and silly games on the beach. 

The centre has a private beach, which is just below us and the chidlren had great fun.  It is a very pebbly beach, which makes it quite hard to walk on, especially during a running backwards up the hill race!


Finally, after all of that activity, the children then had a session of orienterring, which involved collecting stamps from all over the site using their map-reading skills.

After a delicious tea of either chilli con carne, fish fingers or butternut squash, chickpea and spinach curry (my personal favourite), followed by apple crumble (sorry Mrs Austin!), the children have been playing Osmington's own version of 'The Cube'quiz show for their evening entertainment.  A brilliant day once again!

We have had a great first day with beautiful weather.  The children really enjoyed the visit to the Sea Life Centre and have now settled into their rooms at Osmington.  They have eaten a delicious tea and been introduced to our 'groupie' Brandon.  Just a short blog tonight, as we are all getting ready to go to the campfire.  Here are some photos of the day so far:





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