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South Somerset Cricket Finals

Having won the ALP federation tournament, we went on to take part in the South Somerset finals in Chard.  This is always a really tough tournament and only the top team from our pool of six schools would progress to the Somerset finals.  We won our first match comfortably, with a selection of excellent batting, fielding and bowling.  Second, we came up against Maiden Beech.  For some reason our batting wasn't quite firing and, after a good fielding and bowling performance, they beat us by one run!  We won our next three games comfortably, so it all came down to the other team's results.  At the end of the tournament, we discovered that three teams had all won four games and lost one, so it went to wickets taken.  At this point, Maiden Beech had taken 27 wickets and Keinton and Preston had each taken 33!  So, it went on to runs scored.  Over the five games Preston had outscored us by 25 runs, an incredibly close result.  The children were disappointed not to have progressed, but had played brilliantly, with a real sense of support for all of the members of the team and an excellent positive attitude.