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Keinton win federation rugby tournament


On the 4th of November 2016 Keinton Mandeville Primary School’s year 5 and 6 tag rugby team went to Ansford Academy to play in a rugby tournament. They played exceptionally well and scored some outstanding tries, the members of the team (Ellie-May, Molly, Jessie, Daisy, Sam, Stan, Oscar, Zack, T-Jay and Harry) all gave it their best efforts and showed excellent teamwork and determination. All the commitment and training paid off as the team brought home victory!

Match 1

In the first match they played Castle Cary, Keinton won this game with a final score of 7-1. In this game the tries where scored by Harry, Daisy, Zack, Ellie and Stan. In this match the team showed great effort defending the other team and supporting the attackers. All of the team showed great teamwork skills for example: accurate passes to one another; exceptional tags and outstanding intercepting of the ball.

Match 2

In the second match we were up against Evercreech with a winning score of 9-2. In this game tries were scored by Sam, T-Jay, Zack, Ellie, Jessie and Daisy. One tri that stood out for us was when Daisy sprinted down the pitch dodging Evercreech’s defenders .Yet again, the team made us proud as they gave it their best effort.

Match 3

For the third match the final score was 11-5, winning against North Cadbury. Tries were scored by Sam, Zack, T-Jay, Harry and Daisy. This was one of the hardest matches the team played. North Cadbury started the game with the lead but Keinton soon made a comeback.

Match 4

After that we played another challenging team, Ditcheat, with a final score of 8-3. The tries were scored by Zack, T-Jay, Daisy, Stan and harry. This was also another strong team but the team used their teamwork ability to take the win.

Match 5

Finally, we finished the tournament with a match that was against Lovington. We also won this game with a final score of 10-2; this meant that we won all of our matches. We would like to point out the last try, which was scored by Molly; she dodged Lovington’s defenders and sprinted to score the try. The other tries were scored by Ellie-May, T-Jay, Harry, Daisy, Stan.

Due to the team’s teamwork and determination we eventually won the tournament. And again we would like to mention how well the team played and their huge amount of effort. Although we have said this over and over again they were all fantastic. Before we end this report we would like to tell you our players of the tournament. We had great difficulty choosing these players as all of the players gave it their all. In the end we finally made a decision (with help from Mr. Hyde.) The players of the tournament are Daisy, Sam and Zack. Well done team!                                                                                                                                            By Isabel Waller and Harry Spencer.