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Keinton Mandeville Primary School

In English this week we are drafting our newspaper reports based on Ernest Shackleton's expedition.
In maths this week we are learning about decimals, fractions and percentages.


Humanitarian aid.

In response to Cyclone Idia, we have been learning about how charities help people in times of crisis.  We have though about what people need in these situations and how important it is to get help to them quickly.  We have produced posters detailing the kind of help that is needed, for example tents, first aid and medicines, clean water, blankets and clothes.

Wartime Art 

We have studied Henry Moore's drawings of Londoners sheltering from The Blitz in the tunnels of the London Underground.  We practiced or shading techniques in both pencil and charcoal;  looked a and sketched 3D shapes trying use shadow and shading; made preliminary sketches of mannequins; and drawn our own pictures inspired by Henry Moore’s.


Willow Structures

Today we replanted the willow domes, weaving in willow whips into the existing dead frames.  These died last summer after the long dry period when we were unable to give them enough water.  Hopefully the new whips will bring the domes and tunnels back to life. Thanks so much to Abby Rood for teaching us how to do this and for all her hard work making our field a great place to learn and play.

This term's topic is World War II.  We have been learning about the causes of the war and we will be writting reports about this.  We are also looking at primary historical evidence in the form of Government Information Posters to find out what life was like for people during the Second World War.   So far, the class have found this topic facinating.  Many have tales to tell about the lives of their great grandparents during the war. 

This is Nancy's Great Grandfather who fought in World War II.  Her Grandmother wrote a book which consists of letters sent between her Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother during the war.  It also includes some fantastic cartoons drawn by his colleague in the 34 Armoured Tank Division and some wonderful photographs.   



 This is Charlie's Great Grandfather, Ron. He drove tanks in the war. His wife is still alive today and will be 100 years old in May!


 These are Mr Jesshop's Grandfathers- Jim, and Bob.   Jim was a baker by trade and became a chef in the Royal Navy during the War.  He was proud of the fact that the ship was not allowed to leave the port unless both him and the Captain were aboard.  Bob was a serving Royal Marine before the War and served in the Marines though the War years.  Like Jim, he didn't talk about the War a lot, but kept photos of  hisd brigade and lost many friends when their ship was sunk by the German Navy. 


Golden Time Fun.


Following their lessons in Street Surfing, this week Falcons had a chance to try indoor archery!  It was excellent fun.

Stone Age to The Iron Age.

We had some fantastic Stone Age Homework this term. This includes some dangerous looking stone spears and some great models of Bronze age houses and Stone Henge.  We even had some cakes made in the shape of Stone Henge!


We were very luck to have a father of a child in another class come in with his amazing selection of reptiles.  The biggest was his pet Boa Constrictor.  We all had a chance to hold this huge snake.

Keenan found a plan of Stone Henge on the internet which showed exactly which stones were still standing, which have fallen and which are missing.  He used this to make his model as accurate as possible.


Falcons have made a fantastic start to the school year.

We are focused on learning with determination, ambition and resilience. We are also developing our independence, especially in our writing, where we are taking more responsibility for editing our own work. 


Mill on the Brue 

We had a fun filled day, packed with exciting and challenging activities at Mill on the Brue.  We whizzed down one of the longest Zip Wires in the South West; Climbed teetering towers of crates and were left flying in mid air; we solved tricky problems using team work and cooperation; and we splashed around in canoes!