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Keinton Mandeville



Eagle Class 2021-2022

This week in English we are: Planning a fable. 

We are reading a variety of fables and looking at exciting descriptive vocabulary including adjectives (Y2) and adverbs (Y3/4). We are also planning our own character descriptions based on 'fast' and 'slow' animal characters. 

This week in maths we are: Number and Place value

Addition and subtraction

Y3/4 - Add and subtract multiples of 100, recapping adding and subtracting ones, add 2 digits and 1 digit numbers, subtract a one digit number from a 2 digit number Add and subtract 3-digit and 1-digit numbers - not crossing 10 and then moving onto crossing 10. 

Y2 - Fact families - addition and subtraction bonds to 20. Checking calculation and comparing numbers. Knowing our numbers bonds. 

 Year 2 phonics sound this week is: 

'The /s/ sound spelt c before e, i and y, such as ice, city, space.