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Keinton Mandeville

Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at Keinton Mandeville Primary School encompasses all aspects of every child's learning and development.  this includes the taught curriculum, but also includes the personal and interpersonal skills, values and understanding that a child needs to become a successful, well rounded and engaged member of their community.  This is driven by our school values:









These values are taught through traditional teaching, assemblies, clubs, extra-curricular activities, learning experiences and everything other aspect of school life that the children experience.

A curriculum of knowledge, understanding, skills and creativity:

Our curriculum has been developed over the last two years to be ambitious, relevant to our school and its locality and built on high quality learning experiences.  Children travel through a carefully constructed curriculum, ensuring they access the full range of subject and content, whilst developing through a progression of skills and knowledge.

One of the key challenges for our school, with its ever changing year group sizes and therefore shifting class structures, is ensuring a consistent experience for the children in their learning.  To address this, we now have in place a four year rolling programme at Key Stage 2 and a two year rolling programme at Key Stage 1.