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Keinton Mandeville

A Keinton Writer Can

Curriculum Intent:

Each child at Keinton is given opportunities throughout their Primary school life to put pen to paper and become independent, creative and successful writers. This should arise from basic mark making in Early Years and progress into sustained writing of extended pieces, that have detail and solid spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. Children will understand that there are different purposes for writing and be able to convey knowledge, ideas and emotions according to the audience. We want children to be proud of what they produce and to present their work with legible handwriting and look the very best that it can. Children should embrace writing across all subject areas, not just in English lessons and understand that the literacy expectations are just the same.  We aim for our children to become better self-assessors by teaching them the skills to edit and refine their own work and giving them the time to do so; writing high quality texts takes time and is often a process with a number of stages.  Children are encouraged to become improved writers through the books they read, or have shared with others. Using a text-rich curriculum will support this and demonstrate to the children that reading and writing are synonymous.

Writing implementation Statement

A Keinton Writer Can - Skill Progression Document

A Keinton Writer Can - Poetry progression