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Keinton Mandeville

A Keinton Orator Can...

The ability to form and share opinions, thoughts and ideas is fundamental to the growth of a child into a successful adult and member of society.  On this page you will find documents that explain our Intent for oracy - what we aim to achieve for every child; our Implementation - how we achieve this and the choices we have made for our teaching and learning and other documents that demonstrate how oracy skills develop and progress.

Curriculum Intent:

Children are encouraged right from reception age to communicate verbally and build their oracy skills through speaking, listening and learning with and to adults and peers. Expectations of successful oral communication and spoken language are high and children will become confident and enabled speakers for different purposes and audiences. This will be modelled by teachers and staff across the academic curriculum as well as in day to day interactions. Children’s communication skills will incorporate various strands: physical (how we use our voices and bodies) cognitive (using reasoning and asking appropriate questions,) linguistic (how we structure our words into full sentences and the vocabulary we use) and social & emotional (listening, responding and sharing thoughts with others.) It is important to us that children can express their thoughts, needs and intentions with fluent articulation and in appropriate situations. Some children may need additional encouragement and support with this, but our intention is to emphasise speaking, listening and successful communication across our school.  

A Keinton Orrator Can... Implementation Document