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Curriculum Intent:

Due to the mixed and ever-changing nature of our class structure, the creation of a continuous and settled curriculum is truly a challenge.  Due to this, we have decided to create Art and Design Curricula that develop skills over time.  The aims of our Design and Technology curriculum is set out in our curriculum statements, which state both the National Curriculum objectives, alongside our own intentions for both the children’s knowledge and skills.  Skills, knowledge and understanding are often transferable between Design and Technology and Art & Design; the subjects are often taught in isolated units, but development in key skills works across both subjects.

The key focuses for Design and Technology at Keinton Mandeville Primary School are product design and design appreciation, practical skills to allow the construction of the children’s designs and cookery, including an understanding of a healthy and balanced diet.  Through their design work children will solve real world problems through research, analysis and design; compare the designs of famous designers and architects and describe preferences, likes and dislikes and prepare food both from given recipes and their own creations.  Design and Technology allows children to take risks, be creative and explore the world around them.

Design and Technology links clearly to Science, maths, Art and Design and Computing, among others and, where a clear link is possible, this will be used; otherwise Design and Technology will be taught discreetly.

A Keinton Designer Concept, Knowledge, Skill & Vocabulary Progression