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A Keinton Computer User Can...

Curriculum Intent:

The digital world is a very real and significant part of our children’s lives.  It is a place of interest, excitement, creation and invention and as such, is a place that we aim to prepare our children to be a positive part of.  Using high quality computing teaching, we aim to enable the children to become digital creators, investigators, researchers, communicators and citizens.  Our Computing Curriculum focuses on five key areas: Technology in Our Lives, Programming, Handling Data, Multimedia use and creation and Online Safety.  We aim for our children to develop their digital literacy and to access a range of direct teaching, open-ended challenges and investigative work to practise and develop their skills. 

By providing these opportunities to our children, we aim for them to be a positive part of the digital world that surrounds them, being responsible, respectful and safe in their use of the digital resources, allowing them to navigate confidently, be curious, creative and competent.

A Keinton Computer User Concept, Knowledge, Skill & Vocabulary Progression

Computing two year rolling programme