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Curriculum Intent:

Due to the mixed and ever-changing nature of our class structure, the creation of a continuous and settled curriculum is truly a challenge.  Due to this, we have decided to create Art and Design Curriculums that develop skills over time, focusing on drawing, painting, sculpture and other media, irrespective of which year group the children are in.  The aims of our Art and Design curricula are set out in our curriculum statements, which state both the National Curriculum objectives, alongside our own intentions for both the children’s knowledge and skills.  Skills, knowledge and understanding are often transferable between Art & Design and Design and Technology; the subjects are often taught in isolated units, but development in key skills works across both subjects.

The three overarching strands for art understanding and skill taught at Keinton Mandeville Primary are: Colour, Shape and Form.  In colour, pupils will learn about all aspects of colour through their artwork.  Initially they will be introduced to primary colours and investigate the colours that can be made by mixing two primary colours.  They will use these colours to create artworks with a limited palette.  They will learn about warm and cool colours and how some colours complement each other, whilst others can be used for contrast.  As they move through the school, they will learn about more complex colours and investigate monochrome and multi-coloured artworks, investigating and creating artworks in 2 and 3 dimensions.  They will investigate shape and form, starting with abstract art, representing known forms, before developing skills in position and shape and acknowledging the importance of space between elements of sculpture.  They will investigate the work of notable sculptors, such as Richard Shilling, Henri Matisse, Barbara Hepworth and Naum Gabo.

A Keinton Artist Can Concept, Knowledge, Skill and Vocabulary progression