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In English this week we are: 
EYFS - Starting our phonics sessions, beginning with the sounds s,a,t and p.
Year One - Learning about where to use capital letters in our sentences and which types of words need a capital letter. 
In maths this week we are learning about:
EYFS: Recognising numbers to 5.
Year One: We will be sorting objects into groups and thinking about how we can represent numbers with either objects or pictures. 

Owls Class

Welcome to Owls Class!

We have already enjoyed a lovely first week back to school with the new children being brilliantly behaved and very brave. As another new year begins I look forward to sharing lots of exciting moments from our class with you all, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates. Also, if you ever have any concerns or need a chat please let me know so that I can make an appointment to see you after school. 

Miss Dibble


Storytellers visit

Today as part of our Grand Library opening ceremony Owls Class took part in a story telling session with two fantastic storytellers, Arabella Storyteller and Thanistera Storysharer. We all sat beautifully and listened as they told us a wonderful story all about a King who was always late! We also had the chance to join in with the story and were part of the Kings orchestra, with some excellent pretend instrument playing.


 Crumble Making

On Thursday we made our own blackberry and apple crumble using some of the blackberries we picked on Wednesday as well as Bramley apples from Miss Dibble`s orchard. We had a fantastic time learning about the 'rubbing in' method to make our crumble topping and enjoyed getting very messy! We talked about how the mixture felt as we added different ingredients using vocabulary such as squidgy, sticky, crumbly and powdery.


Owls Class brought in their favourite books and during our circle time we shared why they were our favourite book. The children were very excited to share their reasons and show off their favourite parts of the book.


Funky Fingers

This week we have been really enjoying our funky fingers activities which we do every morning after the register. We spend around 5-10 minutes on our activity, these help us to practise our fine motor skills, develop our shoulder and arm muscles as well as giving us a chance to practise our mark making! Here are some pictures of the sorts of activities we get up to.



Owl`s Class have been baking again!

Today in honour of Children in Need the children have been making Pudsey biscuits. We went out in our groups to learn how to make the cookies, talking about the ingredients that we were using as well as weighing the ingredients and lots of stirring! We had lots of fun today, doing lots of activities including making our own Pudsey masks and discussing what makes a good friend and how to make sure that everyone feels included.

Owls Trip to Tesco 

Owls went out on the Reception`s first trip to Tesco on the 29th November. We went on a Healthy Eating store visit which linked in with our science topic all about what we should eat and what is healthy. We were shown round the store by our guide Becky who asked us to find fruit and vegetables of different colours. We had a great time trying to find something for every colour, even finding fruits and vegetables we had never heard of. Becky then took us back to our special learning room where we had a snack with lots of healthy options including pitta bread, carrot sticks and some minted yoghurt. After that we thought about foods that are healthy and Becky told us about breakfast cereals and which ones were the best for us. We then made our own Magic Museli, it was magic because we were able to choose what we wanted in it. We chose from oats, bran flakes, dried fruit, seeds and some of us even put in a pinch of cinnamon. Here are some pictures of our morning.

Maths in Owls 

 This term we have been focusing on making numbers in lots of different ways. We have used the part part whole method to help us understand how numbers can be split into different parts and still make the same whole number. We have had lots of fun using the numicon, multilink and place value penguins to help us. Here are some pictures of the sorts of activities we have been doing.







 Chinese New Year

As part of our topic all about Dragons, Castles and Knights we have learned all about Chinese New Year. Take a look at the video below which shows you the sorts of exciting things we have been up to this week...



People Who Help Us

This half term we have learned all about People Who Help us such as doctors, dentists, firemen, vets and the police. Below is a video of the things that we got up to!



Where does our food come from?

This half term we have been thinking about where our food comes from and learning how to grow food. We have enjoyed making both gingerbread men and pitta pizzas, talking about where each ingredient comes from, plant or animal. 


Our Class Butterflies

We recently has some new additions to our class, about 20 black caterpillars who we have watched grow in the hope that they would turn into butterflies. We have learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and have used pictures to identify what type of butterfly we thought might hatch - Peacock butterflies. We learned that Peacock butterflies have eyes on their wings to deter predators as well as that butterflies make chrysalis` and moths make cocoons during their pupating process. On the 2nd July our very first butterfly hatched and a beautiful Peacock butterfly hatched, we can`t wait to see it open it`s wings! 

Rainforests and Jungles - Who lives there?

Owls Class have been busy this term learning all about the rain forests, where they are and which animals live there. As part of our topic we took a class trip to Longleat, where we went around the safari park before a workshop where we met some of the animals that, in the wild, would live in either the jungle or the rain forest. Owls were fantastically behaved and we were very proud of the children, we also had a brilliant day and were lucky enough to have a go at feeding the giraffes!

Here are some pictures from our trip;















































Owls' class have been designing and painting their own t-shirt designs using cotton and fabric paint.  I was really impressed with how carefully the children followed their designs and how much care they took painting.  Well done Owls!




Owls' topic this half term is entitled 'Where is the best place for me to go on holiday?'  As part of this topic the children will be looking at weather and environments.  They will also be designing and fabric painting their own t-shirt designs.  In circle times we will be focusing on 'Changes' and preparing for the transition into Year 1 or Year 2!  This half term is always a busy one with many sporting and musical events.  We look forward to lots of great work and lots of fun!



On Tuesday 2nd May Owls had a fantastic day at Sherborne Castle.  The children learnt all about the history of the castle, looked at lots of lovely artefacts and learnt about the families and people who have lived in the castle.  We compared the castle to our homes too!  The children also had the chance to explore the grounds, walking around part of the lake and seeing the ruins of the old Sherborne Castle.  The weather was glorious for the day and the children were impeccably behaved, as commented on by staff around the castle.  Well done Owls, a brilliant day!





Welcome back to the summer term.  This half term our topic is entitled 'Can I be a knight or a princess?'.  The children will be learning lots about King Arthur and castles and will shortly be going on a class trip to Sherborne Castle. 



Owls have had an amazing science day!  We started the day with a special assembly from Alice at Fizz Pop Science where we learnt about friction and Mrs Clarke took a trip on a hover-board!  We then went into class and did some great sketching as part of our mini-beast topic.  After lunch we took part in a workshop about Rainbow Bubbles and even made our own sherbet!  To finish off the day we made some slime back in and class and got all gooey.  We had a brilliant time!






The Year One children in Owls class have made a great start to their maths work this week.  They have been using marbles and numicon pieces to work out the half of even numbers and trying to record their work on whiteboards.  Keep up the good work Year Ones!






Owls class have been joining in with the pancake fun today, making and tasting them in class.  They went down a treat and Mrs Clarke even managed to flip a few!





Owls Class topic this half term is entitled 'Why don't mini-beasts have a bedroom like me?'.  The children will be learning about all kinds of creepy crawlies, their habitats and what they need to survive.  We hope to be making good use of our outside area during this topic!  I wonder what you can find in your gardens!?



Dorchester Dinosaur Museum visit

Today all of Owls Class visited the Dorchester Dinosaur museum to find out even more information to help with their learning towards their 'Why can't I have a pet dinosaur?' topic.  They saw giant Mastodon skulls, enormous ammonites, smelt a T-Rex's breath and brushed sand from fossils like real fossil hunters.


Once we had finished at the museum, we drove on to Bowleaze Cove, where we were kindly offered the use of their restaurant by the Riviera Hotel to eat our packed lunches.

Finally, we walked down to a very windy beach and, having decided it was far too rough and windy for fossil hunting we took a very windswept photo!

The children were all fantastically behaved and a huge credit to their families and our school.  What a fantastic day Owls Class!

Topic - Spring term 2017

This term our topic work focuses on the enquiry question 'Why can I not have a pet dinosaur?'


Christmas Party!

We started the day with a wonderful magic show from Malcolm the Magician. It was great fun and we really enjoyed watching and joining in with his amazing tricks.


We then made hats ready for our party lunch.


Then it was time for our delicious party lunch in the hall.

We spent the afternoon dancing and playing party games in the hall.

At the end of the day we had a special visitor...


It was a great day!



Well done to all of Owls class on a fabulous celebration assembly.  All of the children did brilliantly, speaking clearly into the microphone to talk about our art work or when showing the work they had done.  They all enjoyed our colour song and it was great to end with a joint song with Kestrels.  Good work Owls!!!


The reception children in Owls class had a lovely morning at the library.  The children were very excited about going on the coach and for their first school trip.  Once at the library the children learnt about the services available, enjoyed some stories and got a chance to choose their own books to look at.  The year one children very much enjoyed their morning in Kestrels class creating and writing their own stick man adventures.






Owls class have been looking at Kandinsky's painting of circles and recreating their own.  We have looked at primary colours, secondary colours and looked at colour mixing.  The painting below is by Martha.


Owls class enjoyed visiting the Life Education Bus at the village hall this week.  The year ones went with Kestrel class and we all learned about our bodies and keeping safe with medicines.  We particularly enjoyed the twinkling stars inside the bus!  We met Harold the giraffe and used a toothbrush to brush his teeth and even gave his hair a comb!




Owls class have been thinking about Jack and the Beanstalk this week.  The year one children had their own magic beans and have done some wonderful writing about the adventures they would go on with their beanstalk.  The reception children have been practicing using their sounds to write cvc words.  I think they are all getting on marvellously!



 Keep your eyes peeled for the photograph of our new reception children in the Western Gazette in the coming weeks.

A huge welcome to our new reception children and families and welcome back to the year one children. The reception children will be very busy in the coming weeks, settling into school life and learning lots of new routines, new skills and making lots of new friends.  Year one I'm afraid you're going to be working as hard as ever as you begin working within the National Curriculum! Our topic this half term is entitled 'What happens when the clock strikes 12?' and has a fairytale focus. Look out for the class newsletter for more details.

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