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This week in English we are learning: To write a non-chronological report based on crime and punishment.  To use sub-headings and bullet points.
This week in maths we are learning: To find the area of a triangles and other composite shapes.

World book day!

We didn't let the snow stop us from celebrating our book day on Tuesday!


During this half-term we will be learning about Crime and Punishment from the Roman era through to modern day. The children have been finding definitions of particular terms associated with the judicial system and things that have remained the same and things that have (thankfully!) changed!

We are looking forward to our High School Musical performance with Ansford school on March 7th and the songs are sounding great! A parent-mail has gone home about the evening's performance and arrangements for drop off and pick up etc. It also requires a confirmation that your child will be able to attend. If ,for any reason, they are unable to do so then please contact myself or Mr Jesshop directly.



Some of what we have been up to this half-term...









We have had a super start to this term and our 'Banksy' topic is proving popular! We have had a debate (quite a calm one though!) about whether graffiti is vandalism or art. Lots of us are still undecided but are putting both sides of the argument across in our writing for English. We are enjoying learning a little about Banksy and his early background. We are recreating 'There is always hope' in our own styles, using a variety of different materials.


Our continuation of the 'light' topic in science is enabling us to take part in a range of investigations and experiments. This week we explored coloured filters and why we see an object as a particular colour. We linked this to the previous lesson in which we found out about the 'visible spectrum' and how white light refracts through a prism.


We have been thinking ahead to our next class reading book and we are having a 'world cup book' challenge to decide as a class which text we'd like to study. We are down to the last six and aim to choose the winner next week!  






A very Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have had a lovely break and are ready for another busy (albeit short) half-term!

There is lots planned for the whole term and we will be learning about some interesting topics and themes throughout.






Thank you to everyone who came and supported Osprey class with buying  a copy (or two!) of their brilliant Christmas stories.  We still have copies available if you would like to purchase one. The children all worked incredibly hard on them. 

 The children have been working hard to plan a story based on a Christmas theme. Some have taken inspiration from current and previous Christmas adverts which tell stories or events, but usually without narration. We looked in detail first at the 'Hare and the Bear' which was a John Lewis advert produced a few years ago. The children analysed it and created dialogue and dual narration to develop their skills of character description.

Their own versions are coming along very well and we hope to be selling these in one 'collection' at the Christmas fair. These will make great gifts as well as raising money for the school.

In maths we have been learning about fractions: finding equivalents and using our knowledge of factors and multiples. This week we will continue working with fractions by adding and subtracting. I have been very impressed at how quickly the children have picked the concepts up and are using their prior knowledge to think about solving problems and answering reasoning questions.  On Friday the children had the chance to play fraction games using some new resources - I can't remember 'snap' ever being quite that loud!

Our topic of Scandinavia has brought us to the world of great artists and we have discovered that Edvard Munch was a Norweigan painter who produced a number of versions of his most famous piece, 'The Scream.' A number of children made the astute observation that this could also link to our 'Wonder' class text and how August (the main character) might have been feeling at times. The children were given the choice to reproduce the image in their own way and in a medium of their choice.






I am extremely proud of the children who attended the Remembrance service at the church on Friday. They represented the school sensibly and with a thoughtful approach. We were fortunate to be able to listen to Mrs Sedgeman relay her mother's experiences of the war and why there was a dent in her tin hat! At the laying of the crosses and wreaths, we were lucky enough to see the swordfish flyover on its way to Yeovilton. Well done to all involved!

As a whole class, the subject of Remembrance has been in our minds all week and some fantastic poetry has been written in a fairly short space of time. I can't include them all on here, but please come in and ask to see your child's work if you would like to. It is important they can share their writing with an audience.



We are back and in full swing for this half-term. We are learning about Scandinavia in our new topic and the children have already been finding out about what Scandinavia is, where the countries are located and the differences in climate.

In maths we are starting fractions which will probably take us up until Christmas. It is a large mathematical area that comprises many elements! There will be much reference to pizza and cake slices along the way!

English has been focussing on poetry. I have been very pleased with the beautiful personification poems that have been written by the children. We started off with a choice between snowflakes, flowers and autumn leaves and then the children could choose whatever object they wanted to personify. Here are a selection:

Leaves by Ruby

I dwell in the ancient, twisted tree,

Full of oranges, reds, yellows and more, because this autumn has come.

Full of my fun family in the arms of the tree.

We have to say goodbye at some time,

And dance our way to the calm, calm ground,

Sometimes together, sometimes alone.

Most of my family is down there,

And we dance happily together,

Yet I am very sad, even though everyone is there.

The unhappy few run away, to find better lives,

But most of us stay,

Because we're happy here,

And will be forever.

The sun smiled at my old, old home,

And still more of my family fell,

Yet it is cold and sad down here,

We all know Jack Frost is on his way,

So we all get ready to go to sleep,

Deeper and deeper I still get buried,

And my life will end now...

But still, younglings seek adventure,

Exploring their small, frail branch,

They won't get very far in life,

Yet I know I did quite well.

By Ruby


Flowers by George

I open to catch some air then I go back to sleep.

Sometimes in the winter I open my mouth to get a droplet of water.

Then, in the spring, some people pick me and my friends.

So now I am talking to you in my new, glass home.

And I have new friends, some are blue but there's the odd red,

Who knows how long we will be together.


Snow by Abi

I am the she who dances in the wind,

The one who makes the soft, crumbly bed for children to play.

I am the he who has two left feet,

The one who makes the snow plummet down,

When your head needs a rest.

But now I'm a she,

The sun has come up,

So I whisper to my sisters,

"It's time to sing our song."

So they start their song,

With their heads held high,

And lift up the snow.

They bow their head,

Wrap a blanket around themselves,

And close their eyes to get their well earned rest.

Now I'm a he,

The moon is out,

So I call my army and say,

"Transform this place into a white world,"

No other colour will show.

So my army of men

Plough through the snow,

Piling up frozen rain.

Now their job is done,

And they march away.

Now this cycle will repeat, repeat, repeat,

Til the Spring time comes,

And winter is...over.


Leaves by Tyler

Us golden leaves parachute down in swirls,

The wind picks up; us leaves dance as if we have been rehearsing.

Us dry leaves rest in peace; our cold, discarded bodies lie in different colours -

Oranges, golds and rubies.


X-box controller by Thomas

The centre circle shines like a fish in the sea,

Only one press, for it to be seen.

Another four come on: A, X, Y and B,

Thumbs on the pad, watch the TV

Look back down and I'm still there,

Waiting for you to press a button.

OH NO! You've hit something,

I get scared and shiver in front of you.

Reach your fingers to the back and squeeze my hips,

QUICK! Before you fall off that cliff!

Oh no, you've died, now put me back...

Go get ready for school - don't forget your backpack!

Thank you to everyone who has brought in their Viking homework - it all looks brilliant and we look forward to sharing it next week. There are definitely enough shields for that battle I was envisaging!

The children have been working hard on their multiplication and division over the last couple of weeks. They have become editors during English and are learning how important it is to analyse their writing to make improvements and changes.

Our microorganism investigation has come to an interesting (and slightly disgusting!) end. The children have been keen to check their bread every day and record their observations. Have a look for yourselves at some of the results...


 Four weeks in and the children have already done so much! Year six have been to Okehampton and Year five were very busy working on projects and fantastic narrative writing whilst we were away. They also enjoyed their Mill on the Brue trip last week. New experiences like these are important for children and have supported our recent written work in English.

Thank you to the homework projects which have come in so far. I feel a Viking battle (re-enactment!) coming on!

Here are some photos that have been taken over the first few weeks...






A big hello and welcome to all of the children and their adults as we start another busy year in Osprey class. Please see the class newsletter for details about the forthcoming term and the learning that will be taking place.
















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