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Osprey Class


What a fantastic end to the term! All the year sixes have shown their absolute brilliance throughout this year. They have been utterly determined to strive for their best and have made me so, so proud. It has been an emotional last few weeks and I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and beautiful words expressed to me both in person and in my lovely card. I was really touched by the theatre vouchers and as I love musicals and performance, they will be used well!  Thank you very much too for all the individual cards and presents that have been given to me - I feel very privileged to have worked alongside thirty, truly amazing individuals who I, and the rest of the staff at Keinton, will never forget.  

Enjoy your summer and please stay in touch!

Miss G x





As we are approaching the end of term, the children are still incredibly busy with year six learning and opportunities.

Last week we were able to visit the Somerset museum in Taunton where the children made Saxon Runes, Viking shields  and re-enacted the battle of Edington. The museum itself holds an artefact of King Alfred the Great - a gold pointer that he would have used to analyse documents with.


Dragon's Den is firmly underway and on Wednesday we were lucky enough to have two of Keinton's most astute dragons: Mr Hashmi and Mr Shakesby.

The children delivered their presentations professionally and had researched their costings and figures well. All of the children's ideas are looking to be strong and there is going to be tough competition this year...








On Wednesday the children had a visit from 'Betty's bus' - an external PSHE resource consisting of a large, interactive bus and five trained facilitators who worked with our children (and those from other schools) to talk about part of the PSHE curriculum. The children were sensible and took a mature approach to the learning taking place. Here are some photographs of the day...


It appears that Steve is still missing...we are very worried as we have heard nothing from his captor or Steve himself.

In the meantime, the children have been very busy with their business acumen, undertaking a project that saw them plan a theme park and produce profit and loss figures for their first year. Some did well, others not so but all agreed where they could have prevented losses from happening and how they would go about things differently next time.

They have also been investigating 'Tangrams' in maths. This is a square made from seven different shapes and the pieces are used to create new designs.  Generally the children could fit pieces together and form new shapes, but the pictures (of birds, camels, people etc) proved much trickier.



For those of you who haven't been made aware by concerned children at home, our class mascot,'Steve', has been kidnapped and held hostage by an unknown person or persons...

Mysterious ransom notes and heart-breaking images of Steve bound and blindfolded have been pinned to a display board in the classroom. Yesterday, a video was sent to the laptop in the classroom in which Steve could be seen communicating about his experience...

As a result of all of this trauma, the children have been able to generate the start of newspaper reports to detail what has happened.  It was originally going to be related to our topic, but we felt this would be more appropriate given the nature of the event.

We are obviously concerned for the welfare of Steve and if anyone knows anything at all about this, please contact us at the school immediately.

We just want him home...


In maths, the children have been using business skills in preparation for their 'Enterprise' topic next half-term. They have been designing a theme park and calculating building costs, running costs, profit and loss margins, as well as considering marketing opportunities. It is not as easy as it looks!  




We did it!


To follow on from last week's update, I'd like to say a huge 'well done' and thank you to all the children for having exceptional effort and outstanding attitudes all week toward the assessments. Thank you for all your support at home too- the children have been calm and focussed throughout the week. A huge thanks to Mr Hashmi for making sure the children were suitably refreshed with various treats as well!! Our party lunch was very successful and there was plenty of food to go round (even for our fantastic year five waiters and waitresses). Thank you again for providing the food for this.

As well as revision, there was lots of fun to be had in between...










Proud teacher alert!

Although I sent a letter home with each child about the upcoming SATs, I feel that I have to give them huge recognition for all the hard work they have put in to prepare for these tests over the last few weeks. I have watched them just get on with whatever I've asked them to do, no complaining, no fuss. They are all brilliant - well done Osprey class!

Here are some photos from the last two weeks which include topic, PE and a 'package opening' by Oliver...

Noa wanted a photo with his new hair..












Our summer term has started very well with the children settled and working hard towards SATs as well as other areas of the curriculum. It is hard to believe they are in their final term, but there are still lots of opportunities for them as year sixes and it's going to be a great few weeks.

We have had a few responses from the authors who we wrote to back in March. Due to the demand for replies and requests for books, it is understandable that not every child will receive a reply, but one member of our class was excited to not only get a personalised letter, but a set of books for the new library too!




Spring term 2017

What a fantastic week we have had at Osmington bay! The children have been absolutely brilliant and have represented Keinton outstandingly. The staff team are very proud to have watched them all undertake new experiences with determination, resilience and huge effort every time. The teamwork and bonding between all the class members has been a pleasure to see too and plenty of memories have been made that hopefully the children will think about from time to time.

Well done Osprey class!














How many books, characters and others do you recognise?

Children have been sharing their wonderful homework projects this week. We are hoping to get as many on our display board as we can. Thank you for your support with this at home.

On Thursday we went to Ansford school to take part in a drama workshop and watch performances by some of the year 8s based on the theme of 'inspiration.' The children played some warm-up games such as wink murder and fruit salad which, as you can imagine, is quite hectic on such a large scale! Then the children worked together to create tableaus of various scenes, before settling down to watch the culmination of the older children's hard work.

 As part of our current science topic and ICT plans, the children have been creating presentations about the human body using 'green screen' technology. Mr Shakesby came in to our class on Tuesday and talked through the app on the ipad and how the process works. On Wednesday the children started producing their scripts and recordings.


 Osprey class were very lucky to have a visit from a local established author on Thursday- Joffre White.

He gave a fascinating introduction to years four, five and six about his life and time as an author so far.

In the afternoon, he joined our class and talked about how to unlock our creativity and get writing! The children were very inspired and have all begun writing their own stories (which Mr White asked them to copyright at the top of the page!)



Map studying!

The children have been investigating changes in Keinton Mandeville since 1904! Using a combination of old and new maps, aerial photographs as well as local knowledge, they have been able to identify new developments in addition to existing features. The 'Zigzag' programme from twenty-three years ago has also proven popular amongst the class who could also recognise changes since 1994. It was exciting to see our school on the TV! This was before the extension too, so it was unusual to see the older children using what is now 'Owls' classroom.




The children have been very busy this half-term, working hard across all their subjects. 

English: Non-chronological reports have been the focus for this half-term. The children have been grouping information together  to create factual paragraphs about a particular topic. All the children have written a report about the school and these have all been displayed on our writing wall. At the moment the class are in the process of writing their own reports on a subject which interests them. Topics include: Parkour, Pandas and even Presley (Elvis himself!).


Topic - The new topic of 'Our changing world' has got off to an interesting start. The children are currently studying the local area and are creating digital maps of Keinton Mandeville, both map and satellite view. They have also compared maps and learnt about the features of resource maps, political maps and even the London underground!


Maths - Fractions, fractions and MORE FRACTIONS! The children are coping extremely well with such a broad mathematical area. They have been learning to add, subtract, multiply, and this week, divide fractions. They have made little revision booklets with each of the written methods in them. We will keep practising with the old favourites of pizza, pies and chocolate bars!







Happy New Year to you all! Welcome back to the children after a festive break. This will be another exciting term full of hard work, exciting learning opportunities and our residential to PGL in March.






What a fantastic end to the Autumn term with so much dedication and talent from all our year sixes in the Christmas play! A brilliant effort by each child - thank you to the parents and carers for coming along to watch, providing costumes and helping with props.






Week 6:

The children's designs have been created in 3D form and their masks are looking fantastic!

Many children overcame obstacles with attaching, shaping and modifying parts of their mask. They understood that it is alright to make mistakes - these can be incorporated into the design! Next week the children will evaluate their DT work and analyse what went well and what they might do differently next time.



Story success!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a one (or two!)of the mystery stories book which Osprey class put together. We sold out of the forty copies that we photocopied and had orders for more! The children had fun selling them at the fair - even signing copies on request!






















Drama workshop

Lots of energy was needed on Wednesday afternoon as a group of year twelve students from Huish came to perform a 'transition to secondary school' piece. After a brilliant show, our children were able to take part in small group workshops and reproduce part of the show that they had watched. This was great preparation for our Christmas play coming up very soon. Well done year six!





















The children have been designing their Mayan inspired masks this week. The Mayan's wore different masks depending on the occasion: battle, event and death. Each type is unique in style and the children have decided which form they would like their mask to take.


We have been working on writing diary entries based on the character of 'Stanley Yelnats' from our class text, Holes. Some super writing has been produced and the children have understood the features that should be included in this genre of writing.


Polite reminder: Please can you ensure that your child is reading at least three times per week and that you are signing their reading records. The same applies to the new times tables record sheet. The front is progressive and should only be ticked off when you are confident that your child can carry out the required task with ease and at speed. It is the practice evidence that needs to be filled in weekly on the inside of the sheet. Many thanks for your continued support with this.



Week 2 - The children have worked BRILLIANTLY on their long division this week. It is a formal written method that takes much practise as there are quite a number of steps involved. However, all the children have been determined to succeed at this and have realized how far they have come in just a week.

Mayan calendars have inspired our artwork and we have created our own designs. Have a look at some...




Week 1 - Our mystery stories are coming on really well and on Tuesday, we all became editors. We were each in charge of a particular area, e.g. sentences, punctuation, spelling and tenses. The peer assessing worked very well and meant we could use the advice and editing tips to look through and redraft our writing. We hope to publish these in a class book.





We have started our new RE unit and are focussing on Islam. We began by looking at different artefacts associated with Islamic religion and came up with questions about each item. The compass in the prayer mat certainly generated some interest! We have learnt about the five pillars and what each represents.

The children have had a super first half term and worked incredibly hard. They have certainly risen to the year six expectation. Well done Osprey.

Enjoy the half-term!

Week 7

The children have been thinking scientifically this week about their bread mould investigation. They have started to realize that mould grows under certain conditions and more quickly if there are more than one of these conditions present. They have also learnt that leaving bread in bags outside may mean wild animals and birds will consume it... experiment or no experiment!

Here are some of the results:

As well as science, the children are continuing to work hard in other subjects. We have been inspired by 'The Harris Burdick mysteries' to write our own versions based on his images and captions in English and will work on editing and publishing these after half-term.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication and using written methods to solve word problems. Next half-term will be division and fractions towards Christmas.




Thank you to everyone who has brought in Mayan inspired homework. You have all worked incredibly hard and the results of your effort look fantastic! Here are a few so far...

Weeks 5 and 6

Microorganisms have been a popular topic of conversation with our class this week! We have set up an investigation to see what conditions might make mould grow more quickly on pieces of bread. We'll observe our slices each day to see what changes have occurred.


This week we have been very lucky to enrich our science learning even further by having a 'visit in' from Bella the corn snake. We were absolutely fascinated by its beautiful appearance, reptilian lifestyle and what it gets up to at Jayden's house! We were also fortunate that she had just shed her skin and we could look closely at the delicate detail as it was carefully passed around.

 Then we were all very brave and came to touch Bella's (surprisingly soft!) body.












Life bus

On Thursday last week, our class spent the afternoon in the health bus with a lady called Helen and we thought about some of the decisions we may have to face in life.

We discussed drug and alcohol awareness and the children were very mature throughout, offering sensible comments and asking appropriate questions.





Week 3

We were lucky enough to be transported back to Mayan times on Wednesday afternoon with a visit from Past productions. Our guide, 'Big nose' (aka Robbie) told us all about the life of the Mayans, from what they ate and wore to their beliefs and (sometimes gruesome!) rituals. The children were able to taste unprocessed chocolate which produced mixed reactions - it definitely has a different flavour without the added sugar and milk! A few others were then able to try ground cocoa beans - quite a nutty texture!

The children moved on to drama and were able to re-enact different aspects of Mayan life. Overall, a great experience was had by all. Please see the photos below for what we all got up to!






We have been practising 'active and passive' sentences in English this week - the children are getting very good at spotting the two different voices. Here they are demonstrating this with rather fetching hats!





All the children have come back to school with year six status firmly in mind. Their attitude towards learning has been brilliant this first week and they seem to have settled in really well.

Although we are very busy at school already, please could you support your children with the reading, spelling and times table revision at home on a weekly basis. Hopefully you will enjoy the new form of homework that we are undertaking and have fun sharing ideas and getting creative!

Well done to all those children who put themselves forward for school council rep positions. Lots of you had thought very hard about your reasons and given brilliant presentations. After a close vote, our class representatives were elected......

 Isabel and Connor

Last week we tried to convey emotion in our writing through our actions and movements rather than 'telling' the reader how someone is feeling. We had to act this out first though!!

We have been trying to remember our word classes within our sentence writing and today we created human sentences!

The children have been keen to practise their handwriting - we always need to warm our hands up first though!


I am so proud of all of the children's hard work in all their learning so far this term. I have been especially thrilled this week with their effort in writing. Each child has a place on the 'Wonder of Writing' board which displays work that they feel is of a high standard. They have the chance to change it if they can convince me that the most recent piece is even better still!





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