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Ansford Football Tournament

Keinton football team!

The first tournament of the season and Keinton came out on top, winning all of their six games, only letting two past the keeper and scoring a massive thirty two goals.

Their first match was against Evercreech and Dexter had the first and best goal straight from kick off and showed a great display of passing with Angus. The match ended up as 6-0 to Keinton.

In the next match they played against Ditcheat and won with an epic score of 8-0 and in doing so there was a menacing run down the wing from the opposition, which was blocked by Joel and cleared away. The best goal in this match was from Angus with a half volley, top corner goal.

To start off against Castle Cary (who came 2nd in the tournament) we had a close shot at the goal but missed by an inch, but he followed it up with a miss kick by the keeper and placed it bottom corner. In this match as well Joel did some amazing skill with a reverse step over nutmeg. The Castle Cary team came back though and scored the first goal against Keinton.

After playing Castle Cary the team had a break and then they were back into the action against Lovington, they won 8-0 with the best goal in this tournament from Will. F, who scored an unbelievable goal from half way, nutmegging the keeper to score.

The next match was North Cadbury and the score was 4-1 (Keinton won) Their last match was against Queen Camel. The opposition played well, but still lost4-1. In this match Dexter made an amazing save diving to his right to save the his team a goal, but later on they still got one , which made Keinton deflate a little, but they still carried on and won the match, which helped them save their title of winners of the tournament.