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Short term curriculum planning

On this page you will find links to our class plans for each term or half term.  Simply click on the links below to see the overview for each class.

Spring Term 2017

Owls Class              Autumn 1 - Why can't I have a pet dinosaur?

Kestrel Class           Autumn 1 - Can I be a time traveller?

Eagles Class           Autumn 1 - Invaders and settlers

Falcons Class         Autumn 1 - Great Britons

Osprey Class          Autumn 1 - Our Changing World


Autumn Term 2016

Owls Class               Autumn 1 -  What happens when the clock strikes 12?

                                  Autumn 2 - Why are my toys more fun than my grandparents?

Kestrel Class           Autumn 1 - How can I be a good storyteller?

                                  Autumn 2 - Can we put on a show?       

Eagles Class            Autumn 1 - Once upon a time!

                                  Autumn 2 - Once upon a time!

Falcon Class            Autumn 1 -The Stone Age

                                  Autumn 2 - Life!

Osprey Class           The Ancient Maya


Summer term 2016:

Owls Class:             Summer 1 - How could I reach the stars?

                                 Summer 2 - Where does our food come from?

Kestrel Class:         Summer 1 - Where are we?

                                 Summer 2 - Famous People

Eagles Class:          Where does our food come from?

Falcons Class:        World War 2/Local Geography

Osprey Class:         Summer 1 - The swinging sixties!   

                                 Summer 2 - Dragon's Den


Spring Term 2016

Owls Class:       Spring 1 - Take one picture     Spring 2 - Take one picture

Kestrel Class:    Spring term - What can pictures tell us?

Eagles Class:     Spring 1 - Cultural connections

Falcons Class:    Spring 1 - Around the world

Osprey Class:     Spring 1 - Trade and Slavery