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In English this week we are: Finishing our recounts of our visit to The Bishops Palace.
In maths this week we are: practising our times tables.

Welcome to Kestrel Class


Visit to The Bishops Palace and Gardens - Tuesday 4th July

Kestrel Class had a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing day exploring the gardens inside the palace grounds.

We started with a sensory walk through the gardens.

We had lunch in the arboretum before we spent time exploring the Dragons Lair.


We then used colour palettes to explore the many colours in the garden. Some colours were quite tricky to find.

A perfect trip to end another academic year! Well done Kestrel Class - you were all super stars!



 Can I create a glorious garden?


We finish the year with a focus on gardens. This week we will be spending time creating some collages of our own gardens. Please bring in a photograph of your garden or email a photo to the school office so that I can print your picture.


Thank you!

Antarctic Art

We have been busy finding out about Antarctica this week. What an amazing place!

This afternoon we have spent some time looking at photographs of Antarctica. We have used the photos to create our own Antarctic scenes using pastels and water colour paints.



Summer Term 2017

Welcome back to school. This term, we will explore the enquiry question

'Would I rather be hot or cold?'

We will learn about the climate across the world and study two areas in detail: Antarctica and Africa.


Spring term 2017

Celebration Assembly

Well done to everyone in Kestrel Class for a fantastic performance in the celebration assembly.



Fizz Pop Science Day

Kestrel Class have had a fantastic day learning about Hair Raising Electrons.

We started the day in a whole school assembly led by Alice from Fizz Pop Science.


Alice then led a workshop in Kestrel class where we learnt about Electricity. We tested materials and decided if they were conductors or insulators.



We used balloons to create static electricity. The balloons seemed to follow us around.


We then used a Van de Graaff generator to make our hair stand on end! 




Miss Stocker's hair went wild!

It was a great day!


World Book Day Fun


Stop everything and read...

Finding a new book to take home




Class visit to The Radstock Musem

Kestrel class had a fantastic time on Tuesday when they visited The Radstock Museum. They took part in a lesson in the Victorian school. The teacher was quite scary!


Here are some pictures of the day.



The children then visited the Victorian shop and mine.



Thank you to Mrs Sugg, Miss Stocker, Mrs Paradise and Mrs Cox for supporting the children throughout the visit.


Parents - Thank you for dressing the children up. They all looked great in their costumes.



What a busy half term!

Gym with Mr Hyde

We finished the half term with a super session using the gym equipment in the hall.



It was a super session. Thank you Mr Hyde.

Florence Nightingale

We have been learning about the life of Florence Nightingale. As part of a focus on writing diary entries, we learnt about the significant events in her amazing life and acted them out.

These included:

Florence telling her parents that she wanted to be a nurse.

Florence training to be a nurse in Germany.

Florence taking care of the soldiers in the Crimean war (with her lamp).

Florence being awarded the Royal Red Cross by Queen Victoria.

We created freeze frames and discussed how Florence might have been feeling in each frame.


We then wrote diary entries as if we were Florence Nightingale. Some of us have put our writing on the writing wall in the classroom.


This week we have been continuing our learning about the Jewish faith.  We have been finding out about the period 'Rosh Hashanah' and the celebration that finishes it 'Yom Kippur'.

This is the celebration of the Jewish New Year; we have learnt about the special food that is eaten; the services that are held in the synagogue and about people making up for anything they have done wrong in the past year, before asking for god's forgiveness.

To get a taste of these celebrations the children made Shofar horns, which are blown a hundred times a day during Rosh Hashanah and Challah bread, which is eaten with apples and honey at Yom Kippur.




Our topic this term focuses on the question 'How can I be a time traveller?'

We will be finding out about significant historical events including The Great Fire of London.

Friday 13th January 2017

Weekend fact finding mission...

Do you have a spare few minutes this weekend?

Can you find some facts about The Great Fire of London?

Bring your facts to school on Monday.


 Christmas Party!

We started the day with a wonderful magic show from Malcolm the Magician. It was great fun and we really enjoyed watching and joining in with his amazing tricks.

We then made hats ready for our party lunch.



Then it was time for our delicious party lunch in the hall.

We spent the afternoon dancing and playing party games in the hall.

At the end of the day we had a special visitor...

It was a great day!




Sharing our puppet theatres

As promised in our celebration assembly, we have shared our fantastic puppet theatres with the children in Owls class.








Thank you Owls Class for coming!


Steve Manning - Storyteller

On Tuesday Steve Manning, a professional story teller visited Keinton Mandeville. He spent the afternoon with Kestrel class telling his wonderful stories. We heard about a King who wanted to touch the moon, about a lazy boy called Jack and also listened to a beautiful story about Anansi Spider.

We spent some time creating some freeze frames to show the different parts of each story.




Puppet theatres

This week, we have been designing and making puppet theatres. Each theatre is designed for a story.






We are looking forward to sharing our puppet shows with Owls Class.

What a fantastic half term Kestrel Class - Happy half term holiday!


Autumn Maths

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting using number lines and Numicon. Here are some examples of our work.




Describing Autumn

In English, we have been using our senses to explore Autumn. We went outside and thought about what we could see, feel, hear and touch.


We used amazing adjectives to describe Autumn.

crunchy leaves      shiny conkers

crisp mornings    relaxing birdsong


We then wrote some super sentences to describe what we can feel, see, hear and touch.



Can you spot the amazing adjectives?

Great work Kestrel Class - Keep it up!

Settling into Kestrel Class

The children have settled into Kestrel Class beautifully and have been very busy exploring the classroom. The quiet reading castle is a popular spot along with our role play area which is currently a market stall.



In English, we are continuing to practise our storytelling techniques using actions and story maps to help us.

We have learnt a story called 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' written by Pie Corbett. The story describes how a group of monkeys cause a hat seller a number of problems because 'what a monkey sees, a monkey does'.

Here we are wearing hats to get into the storyteller role.

We have written our own 'Monkey see, monkey do' stories this week.

We are learning to write super sentences with capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and amazing adjectives. We are very proud of our writing!




In Maths, we have been focusing on Place value. We have spent time counting and ordering numbers, writing numerals and partitioning numbers into tens and ones.

We have enjoyed using dienes rods, Numicon and bead strings to help us understand the value of each number.






Autumn 2016

Welcome back to a new school year in Kestrel Class. The Autumn term is always exciting and I have been busy getting the classroom ready for the new term.



How can I be a great storyteller?

Our topic this term is 'How can I be a great storyteller?'. To begin the topic, I would like to invite you all to bring your favourite story to school to share with your new class. I have got my story ready and I am looking forward to sharing it with you all soon.


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