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In English this week we writing descriptions of dragons whilst reading 'The Dragon Machine' by Helen Ward.See spelling diaries for the weekly spelling focus.
In maths this week we are comparing numbers; using <, > and = to compare number and number statements.

Welcome to Kestrel Class

 A first look at L.S. Lowry and his paintings.

We imagined that we were inside the painting and thought carefully about the following questions...

What can we see?

What can we hear?

What can we smell?

How are we feeling?






January 2018

Welcome back to school and the beginning of a new term in Kestrel Class.


Class Topic: Take One Picture

Our topic for the term has an Art focus, where we will use a picture to inspire our learning across the curriculum. This is a focus for the whole school.

In Kestrel class, we will focus on paintings by L.S. Lowry beginning with The Children's Playground.


Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November

 Kestrel Class design and make their own carnival float parade



We are looking forward to sharing our work with you during Friday's Celebration Assembly.


Carnival comes to Kestrel Class

Our focus for the term is Carnival. I am sure that many of you will be visiting one of the local towns over the next few weeks to enjoy the delights of Carnival in Somerset.

Please take some photographs and bring them to school to share with the rest of the class.

Thank you!

Kestrel Class visit to Longleat Safari Park Thursday 12th October

What a fantastic day! We started the day with a guided tour around the safari park. Kara (our guide) knew everything about the animals and answered all our questions.






After lunch, we walked to the Education Room and enjoyed learning about animals and their senses with James and Alessandra. We got to meet some of the animals.




We then caught the boat to Gorilla Island to see the sea lions, hippos and Gorillas.



It was a brilliant day.


Autumn Poetry

These are the poems that we wrote for the Harvest Assembly.

Lovely leaves are colourful

Everywhere apples are on the trees

Amazing leaves are floating down

Vegetables growing in the soil

Everyone is excited for harvest

Summer is over, Autumn is here


Leaves all shiny and clean

Everybody is excited about Autumn

Amazing leaves floating down

Very big conkers

Enormous pile of leaves to play with

Shadows are coming


Harvest the wheat

Apples are real and shiny

Ripe fruits ready to eat

Very shiny plums in the tree

Everywhere there are plums

Shiny and juicy strawberries in the bushes

Trees changing colour for Autumn


Huge pumpkins growing

Apples growing on trees

Radishes growing in the soil

Vegetables violet colours

Everybody loves harvest

Stew bubbling in a pot

Tomatoes rounder than an orange


Peppers are getting picked

Underground carrots are being picked

Mud is getting soggy

Pumpkins growing in the ground

Kind people selling their fruit

Inside there are lots of seeds

New vegetables being planted


Tomatoes are as juicy as an orange

Cauliflowers as white as snow

Bright orange shiny pumpkins

Carrots as sweet as sugar.


Inside a pumpkin its hollow like a tree

Cauliflowers as white as a snowflake

Green and red grapes like Christmas lights

Carrots as orange as the sun

Tomatoes red like traffic lights!


We hope you have enjoyed reading our Harvest poetry.


Story telling with Arabella Storyteller and Thannisara Story Sharer

Arabella and Thannisara told us the story of The Keep em waiting King.

It was a fantastic story that we retold again and again later that week.

 September 2017

Welcome back. I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer (despite the weather). I am really looking forward to a new year in Kestrel Class.


We begin the year with a topic focus on Animals. I found a great book on my summer travels which I will share with you all on Tuesday to get us started.


See you all on Tuesday!




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