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In English this week we are editing, improving and publishing a balanced arguement based on a moral dilemma.
In maths this week we are learning about perimeter and area of compound shapes.




Last week Falcons were thinking abour 'Human Rights'  and 'The Rights of a Child.'

They learned what Rights are and discussed what rights they thought they should have.  The discussions were thoughtful and mature and the children identified many of the same rights as appear in the United Nations Charter.  Falcons also thought about how chidrens rights need to be the different and the same as those of adults.  To see some of their thoughts, have a look at the mind maps displayed outside Falcons' classroom. 

Falcons have been working on our new topic 'Moral Dilemmas and Judaism'

We have discussed a range of dilemmas and how we would approach them.  We have been thinking about motivations and why we act in a certain way.  Later this week we are going to make a list of good morals and compare them to those taught by various religions, but particularly the Ten commandments from Judaism.




Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Mill on the Brue!  We enjoyed canoing, the zip wire, team challenges and crate stacking. Check out some photos.




We have had a fantastic start to the school year.  Everybody is working really hard and we are determined to make the most of this school year.

We started the year by thinking about our class ethos and we came up with a few statements which we plan to follow through the year. They are:

Falcons dont give up

Falcons are kind

Falcons are good listeners

Falcons don't waste time

Falcons try their best.

Falcons show respect

Falcons don't say I can't, they may only say I can't yet!


Ancient Mayans

This half term's topic is The Ancient Mayans.  This past week we have learned about where and when the Mayans lived.

Watch this space to find out more.